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AR# 33287

11.2 iMPACT - Some options are not available in Platform Flash programming properties; verify is not available in FPGA programming properties


When I attempt to program my Platform Flash XCFxxP, some options are not available in the "Programming Properties" dialog. Some of these are the "Parallel Mode", "Load FPGA", "Verify" and "Erase".

How do I set these options on my device?

When I attempt to program my FPGA, the option to "Verify" is not available in the "Programming Properties" dialog.

How do Verify my device?


These issues occur when you are using a Platform USB Cable II.

Platform Flash Programming Options

There are two possible ways to use the missing options on your Platform Flash:

- Generate an SVF file to carry out the programming; the Parallel Mode is available in SVF mode. You can then play the SVF file to program the flash.

- Use a Platform Cable USB. You will need to close iMPACT, change the cable, and then open iMPACT again.

FPGA Verify

To Verify your FPGA, you can use the standalone Verify option in the Operations menu or Processes window.

Both issues will be resolved in iMPACT 11.3.

AR# 33287
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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