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AR# 33559

XC4000 - What are the recommended replacement parts? How do you migrate to them?


What are the recommended replacement parts? How do you migrate to them?


Some of the customer notifications contain information on replacement parts. 

The customer notification can be found at: 


Under Step 2 : Product Category, select Mature Products => XC400 under Step 3 Product => then Customer Notification under Step 4 as Doc Type.

If you require assistance on selecting a replacement part, please contact your Sales Representative.

To identify your Sales Representative, check the Sales Representative list:


Xilinx does not guarantee that the recommended replacements area drop-in replacement.

You should double check the pinouts and ensure that they are equivalent.

Parts covered by the Answer Record:

  • XC4003
  • XC4005
  • XC4006
  • XC4008
  • XC4010
  • XC4010D
  • XC4013
  • XC4013D
  • XC4020
  • XC4025
  • XC4002A
  • XC4003A
  • XC4004A
  • XC4005A
  • XC4003H
  • XC4005H
  • XC4002A
  • XC4003A
  • XC4004A
  • XC4005A
  • XC4013XLT
  • XC4028XLT
  • XC4062XLT
  • XC4013XLA
  • XC4020XLA
  • XC4028XLA
  • XC4036XLA
  • XC4044XLA
  • XC4052XLA
  • XC4062XLA
  • XC4085XLA
  • XC40110XV
  • XC40150XV
  • XC40200XV
  • XC40250XV

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