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Licensing - WARNING:Security:42 - "Your software subscription period has lapsed"


When using Xilinx software Iencounter the following warning:

WARNING:Security:42 - Your software subscription period has lapsed. Your current
version of Xilinx tools will continue to function, but you no longer qualify for
Xilinx software updates or new releases.

What does the warning mean?

Will I be able to continue to use this version of software?


The warning occurs if the tools are being run at a time past the license version limit. For example, the following INCREMENT entry in a license file indicates a June 2011 version limit:

INCREMENT System_Edition xilinxd 2011.06 permanent uncounted

Running any licensed System Edition application released before the end of June 2011 will issue this warning if the 2011.06 limited license is the only license available.

As the warning indicates, the tools will continue to work. However, future updatesof the tool (released after June 2011) will not be enabled by this license and thus the later versiontools will not work.

See also:Licensing - What license version limit is required for my Xilinx Software or IP core? (Xilinx Answer 33770).

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AR# 34097
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