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AR# 35443

12.1 EDK - SDK Cannot Find Custom Software Driver Updates in the Local Project Directory


How do I get the Software Development Kit (SDK) to target a custom load path (repository) for the following?
  • Custom core API driver
  • Customized BSP
  • Customized SW Services source code


You can place custom software updates for the SDK in the global repository or the project repository.

For the global repository, please follow these steps.

  1. Create a global load path (repository) thatfollows thestructure described in the Embedded System Tools Reference Manual (est_rm.pdf) under the "Load Path" section. Examples:
    • C:/MyGlobalRepositoryDirectory/MyLibrary/drivers/MyCustomPcore
    • C:/MyGlobalRepositoryDirectory/MyLibrary/bsp/ModifiedBSP
    • C:/MyGlobalRepositoryDirectory/MyLibrary/sw_services/CustomizedService
  2. In the SDK,select Xilinx Tools > Repositories, and add theglobal repository directorycreated in Step 1 in the Global Repositories section.

For the project repository, please follow these steps.

  1. Place drivers or sw_service directory in the SDK workspace.
  2. In the SDK, select Xilinx Tools > Repositories and add the workspace path to Local Repositories.

To update your API version, right-click on your board support package and select "Board Support Package Settings". In the driver window, select the custom driver for your core from the drop-down list. Your custom driver should now compile.

To enable your sw_service libraries, enable the library in the overview page of Board Support Package Settings window.

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AR# 35443
Date 12/15/2012
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