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AR# 35588

11.5 - Bitgen - No error provided by bitgen when using incorrect mem file.


When a design has an incorrect MEM file within the design then bitgen will error out like the following:

Started : "Generate Programming File".
INFO:Bitgen:40 - Replacing "Auto" with "2" for option "Match_cycle". Most
commonly, bitgen has determined and will use a specific value instead of the
generic command-line value of "Auto". Alternately, this message appears if
the same option is specified multiple times on the command-line. In this
case, the option listed last will be used.
Process "Generate Programming File" failed

Overall no error message that states that the mem file was incorrect or missing.


If ran command line you will receive the following results:

ERROR:Data2MEM:102 - The design 'fluffy.ncd' is missing any BMM information for
given BRAM data files. BRAMs can't be initialized with the given data without
BMM information. Either BMM information must be given to NGDBuild with a '-bm'
option, or embedded BMM information must be included in the source HDL.

Projnav forces the "-instyle ise" option which suppresses most of the output from the tools. Error message are still supposed to make it to the console but data2mem is issuing this error message incorrectly.

AR# 35588
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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