AR# 35951


12.1 EDK - Software Development Kit (SDK) "Program FPGA" dialog does not open


The "Program FPGA" dialog does not open inside of SDK with certain project settings.This is known to occur when the "Project References" for the project are not properly associated.


There are two solutions to correct this issue. The first is to create a new workspace and associated project.The second option is to correct the "Project References".

The steps to correct the "Project References" are as follows:

  • Right-click on the hardware platform, the BSP, or the software project in the "Project Explorer" window.
  • Choose "Properties".
  • Click on "Project References".
  • Make sure the references follow the rules below.

The rules that should be followed for correcting the project references are as follows:

  • The hardware platform should not have any project references.
  • BSPs should just be associated with one hardware platform.
  • Software projects should only be associated with one BSP.

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AR# 35951
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