AR# 36136

Licensing - How do I rehost a license?


An existing license key is tied to a hostID of a computer or a USB dongle.
At some point it may be necessary to use an different machine or dongle to host the license.

  • Current machine is being retired
  • USB dongle has been lost or destroyed
  • The license is tied to unsupported system such as a virtual machine and the user would like to rehost the license to the real machine.
  • The license administrator would like to move some licenses to another server.
How can the license be rehosted?
How can the license be rehosted if the old and new licenses share the same host information (e.g. NIC MAC address) - Possible with virtual machine setups?


Each end user and license administrator is given a set number of license rehosts.

The user must agree to destroy and not use the existing license before creating the new license.

1) Delete the license by going to the Manage Licenses tab and clicking on the "trash" icon (bottom of the snapshot, last icon on the right) and agree to rehosting clause.
2) Delete the existing host information, if needed (e.g. the new and old host share hostID).
3) Create new host with the correct info.
4) Create the new license.

Note: If a user has exhausted the allotted number of rehost chances, they must contact Xilinx Customer Service in order re-enable the rehost option.

This and other information is available in the Licensing FAQ page at

For more detailed information on re-hosting, see Obtaining a License --> What happens when a licensed machine "dies" or is replaced (Re-hosting or transferring a license)?
AR# 36136
Date 03/04/2013
Status Active
Type General Article