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12.1 EDK - How can I launch the Insight GDB GUI?


In version 11.x of the EDK tools, I could launch the Insight GUI by using the mb-gdband powerpc-eabi-gdb commands from the bash shell.
How can I launch the Insight GUI?


The complete path along with the executable name needs to be included in version 12.x of the tools when launching the Inisght GDB GUI from the Xbash shell. The complete path is: /cygdrive/c/Xilinx/12.1/ISE_DS/EDK/insight-gdb/microblaze/nt/bin/mb-gdb for MicroBlaze, or /cygdrive/c/Xilinx/12.1/ISE_DS/EDK/insight-gdb/powerpc-eabi/nt/bin/powerpc-eabi-gdb for PowerPC.

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