AR# 38257


ModelSim PE/SE - What is the search order of modelsim.ini when launching ModelSim from ISE?


I am performing simulation by launching ModelSim from ISE Project Navigator.
Multiple modelsim.ini files exist on my machine.

What is the search order of this file by ModelSim?


ModelSim finds the modelsim.ini file by evaluating the following conditions:

use $MODELSIM (which specifies the directory location and name of a modelsim.ini file) if it exists; else
use ./modelsim.ini; else
use $(MODEL_TECH)/modelsim.ini; else
use $(MODEL_TECH)/../modelsim.ini;

The environment variable MODEL_TECH is automatically set by the toolset to the directory in which the binary executable resides.

You can determine which modelsim.ini file was used by executing the where command.
For example:

VSIM> where
# Current directory is: C:\testcase\mydesign
# Project is: modelsim.ini

This indicates that the modelsim.ini file used is under the mydesign directory.
AR# 38257
Date 01/20/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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