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AR# 41222

13.1 FPGA Editor - How to automate changes in FPGA Editor using a script


If I need to make a number of changes to a NCD file inside FPGA Editor how can I automate these changes and run them on the command line?


FPGA Editor has the ability to record any actions you take in the GUI and play them back via a script. 

It is also possible to run the script in the command line version of FPGA Editor called FPGA Edline.

To record a script do the following:

1. Open FPGA Editor.

2. Go to Tools -> Scripts -> Begin Recording and choose a location and name for your script.

3. Open your design and apply any changes you wish to make in the FPGA Editor GUI.

4. Once you are finished go to Tools -> Scripts -> End Recording.

You can now play the script back in FPGA Editor using the Tools -> Scripts -> Playback menu entry or you can run it via the command line with FPGA Edline using a command like the following:

fpga_edline -p <my_script>.scr

Note: If you are running the script in FPGA Edline you might encounter the issue described in (Xilinx Answer 41221)

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AR# 41222
Date 08/28/2014
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