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Licensing - Xilinx Solution Center for Licensing Issues


The Licensing Solution Center is available to address all questions related to Xilinx Licensing. The Timing Solution Center provides information about Xilinx Product Licensing and the recommendations to troubleshoot a problem.


(Xilinx Answer 42052) Flexnet Licensing Overview
(Xilinx Answer 42062) What Xilinx Products are Licensed?
(Xilinx Answer 42068) Levels of FLEX licenses for Xilinx software and Xilinx LogiCORE IP Cores
(Xilinx Answer 42383) Expiration and Warranty Period
(Xilinx Answer 42396) Obtaining a license
(Xilinx Answer 42406) Using a Node-Locked License
(Xilinx Answer 42495) Using a Floating License
(Xilinx Answer 42504) License File protocol and usage specifics
(Xilinx Answer 44029) LogiCORE IP Core specific licensing
(Xilinx Answer 32301) Troubleshooting Xilinx Software License Issues

Additional Licensing links:

License generation and license account management:
Licensing FAQ :
ISE Design Suite 13.3 Installation and Licensing guide :

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