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AR# 41886

Licensing - I purchased a floating license and want to change it to node locked. Is this possible?


Can a floating license entitlement be changed to a node-locked license entitlement?

Can a node-locked license entitlement be changed to a floating license entitlement?


Once a seat of development tool software has been purchased, it cannot be changed.

Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable (NCNR) terms apply to all Development Systems products.

However, there may be special cases where returns/credits are allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Distributor or Customer Service Team.

In the event that a return or credit is approved, you must do the following to change a node-locked seat to a floating seat (or vice-versa).

Certificate-based Licenses (.lic files):
1. Delete all licenses that you have generated for this tool in the "manage license" tab of your Xilinx license account.
2. Agree to the electronic affidavit of destruction.
3. Initiate an RMA with the distributor your software was purchased through.
4. Once the RMA has been approved, you may purchase the type of license you require.

Note: If the license type on the Create Licenses tab shows "Floating/Node-Locked," this indicates that the purchase or entitlement allows either a floating or node-locked license to be generated for this product.
In this case, steps 3 and 4 (RMA and repurchase) are not needed and you can carry out steps one and two and then regenerate the desired license type.

Activation-based Licenses (.xml files):
1. Using the server command-line license management tool, xlicsrvrmgr, create a return request for each license to be converted.
See (UG 973): Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation and Licensing, for more information on xlicsrvrmgr
2. Initiate an RMA with the distributor your design tool was purchased through. 
3. Once the RMA has been approved, you can purchase the type of license you require. 

AR# 41886
Date 11/06/2014
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