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AR# 42427

13.1 EDK - Error: "Cannot insert breakpoint 2. Error accessing memory address"


This message is similar to (Xilinx Answer 41198).

When inserting breakpoints and debugging my code in the SDK, I receive an error that states:

"Cannot insert breakpoint 2. Error accessing memory address 0x<address>"


The cause of this error stems fromwhen you place a breakpoint at an atomic assembly function before it finishes. You can verify this by running:

mb-objdump <ELF_FILE>

and lookingat the command at the address stated in the error message.

If the function is atomic, and you are breaking before it finishes, for example,BRLD followed by NOP, please follow the solution in (Xilinx Answer 41198)or move the breakpoint to a different location.

AR# 42427
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 13.1
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