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Licensing - Where does License Manager save or store license files?


Where should I save my license file?

Where are license files placed by the XLCM Copy License process? 

Where are license files stored by the VLM Load License Process?

Where are WebPack and Trial Licenses stored on my machine?


For Certificate-based Licenses:

When obtaining a license through the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) or Vivado License Manager (VLM), Trial and WebPack Licenses are saved in the %HOMEDRIVE%\.xilinx directory for Windows machines and in the $HOME/.xilinx directory for Linux machines.

Purchased and Evaluation licenses will be mailed to you when generated. 

Node-locked licenses should be saved to the %HOMEDRIVE%\.xilinx directory (Windows) or to $HOME/.xilinx (Linux) or in a location pointed to by the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE variable. 

You can save the license file(s) directly to one of these locations or you can use XLCM to copy the file(s) to the correct location.

The XLCM Copy License option allows you to search for a license file stored anywhere on a local or network drive and copies the license file to the %HOMEDRIVE%\.xilinx directory (Windows) or the $HOME/.xilinx (Linux) directory.

For Activation-based Licenses:

Activation-based licenses are always stored in the authorized trusted storage area of a client or server machine. 

You can store the activation licenses to trusted storage by using Load License option in VLM.

See (Xilinx Answer 42507) and (Xilinx Answer 42508) for license search location and order.

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