AR# 45953


7 Series - On chip termination for High Range banks


The 7 Series High Range (HR) banks do not support DCI.

Is there an On Chip termination that can be used on HR banks?


The 7 Series HR banks (General ES and onwards) support uncalibrated input termination for certain I/O Standards that can reduce the need for external resistors. 

This is similar to the Spartan-6 FPGA internal input termination documented in (UG381), theSpartan-6 SelectIO User Guide.

The structure is that of a pull-up and pull-down resistor in parallel, providing a Thevenin-equivalent termination resistance to a VCCO/2 level.

The IN_TERM attribute can be set to NONE (default), UNTUNED_SPLIT_40, UNTUNED_SPLIT_50, or UNTUNED_SPLIT_60. IN_TERM is supported on all the SSTL and HSTL I/O Standards.

AR# 45953
Date 09/04/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
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