AR# 50314


14.6 SDK BSP - How to use more than 127 semphores in xilkernel_v5_01_a


Xilkernel does not work if the user changes Xilkernel to handle more than 127 semaphores.

For example:

change config_sema->max_sem to 300

How is it possible to get more than 127 semaphores?


The issue occurs in the "xilkernel_v5_01_a\src\include\sys\ktypes.h" -> The ID of a semaphore (sem_info_t->sem_id) is a signed char [-128 to 127].

Modifications are required:

1. File ktype.h found in,


signed char "sem_id" changed to an integer

2. File semaphore.c found in,


count variable "i" changed from signed char to an integer.

Note: Any Changes to the Xilkernel are not supported by Xilinx

AR# 50314
Date 11/01/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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