AR# 50499


14.2 EDK - Toggling PS_SRST_B does not configure PL when booting from SD or QSPI using BOOT.bin


There is a reboot status register that is not being cleared after initial boot of the FSBL, Bitstream, and U-BOOT. On first boot up, the register is set to 0 for the zero partition, which is where the bitstream is located. Then, the register is set to 1 for the first partition, which is where U-BOOT is located. At FSBL handoff, the register is not cleared and is stuck at 1. If PS_SRST_B toggles, the FSBL bypasses the "zero" partition (configuration of the PL) and immediately loads the "one" partition (U-BOOT).


Modify the function void ClearFSBLIn(void) in main.c in the FSBL:

void ClearFSBLIn(void) {

Currently, the plan is to fix this in 14.3.

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AR# 50499
Date 10/24/2012
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