AR# 50914


DRP addresses for GTX RX_DFE_KL_CFG2 are incorrect in UG476 (v1.5)


Writing and reading through DRP port the GTX RX_DFE_KL_CFG2 parameter returns the wrong results because the DRP addresses are incorrect in version v1.5 of the 7 Series FPGA GTX/GTH Transceivers User Guide (UG476).


Instead, please use the following DRP address:

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[3:0] maps to Address 0x074 [3:0]

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[8:4] maps to Address 0x074 [15:11]

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[12:9] maps to Address 0x07F [3:0]

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[17:13] maps to Address 0x07F [14:10]

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[26:18] maps to Address 0x083 [15:7]

RX_DFE_KL_CFG2[31:27] maps to Address 0x08C [7:3]

This is corrected in version v1.6 of the user guide.

AR# 50914
Date 08/28/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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