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ZC702 - Master UCF (Rev 1.0) shows incorrect IOSTANDARD for USRCLK_N / _P


The Zynq-7000 SoC ZC702 Evaluation Kit Master UCF (Rev 1.0) lists the IOSTANDARD as LVDS for the USRCLK_P and USRCLK_N User Clock pins.

NET   USRCLK_P       LOC = Y9       |       IOSTANDARD=LVDS;     #  Bank   13   VCCO    VADJ     -IO_L12P_TI_MRCC_13
NET   USRCLK_N       LOC = Y8       |       IOSTANDARD=LVDS;     #  Bank   13   VCCO    VADJ     -IO_L12N_TI_MRCC_13

Using this UCF in the tools causes errors - what is the problem here?


LVDS is not a valid IOSTANDARD, the IOSTANDARD should instead read LVDS_25.

The Zynq-7000 EPP ZC702 Evaluation Kit Master UCF (Rev 2.0) is now available with the correct IOSTANDARD listed for USRCLK_P and USRCLK_N:

NET   USRCLK_P        LOC = Y9     |     IOSTANDARD=LVDS_25;    #  Bank   13   VCCO    VADJ     -IO_L12P_TI_MRCC_13
NET   USRCLK_N        LOC = Y8     |     IOSTANDARD=LVDS_25;    #  Bank   13   VCCO    VADJ     -IO_L12N_TI_MRCC_13

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AR# 51220
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