AR# 51372


Zynq-7000 SoC - USB Driver Support and OTG Version


What is the driver support status and plan? What OTG version is supported?


Driver Status as of August 8, 2012:

The standalone driver supports the controller in Device mode (not Host or OTG). In the 14.2 tools, there is an example for Bulk transfers (mass storage). In the 14.3 tools, a Control Transfer example will be added and references to non-existing files will be removed. There are no definite plans to work on adding further examples to the standalone driver. The mass storage example supports both control and bulk transfers. There is no need for adding a separate control transfer example.

The Linux driver supports all four transfer types for both Host and Device modes. OTG mode is not supported. The Host driver has been tested in all four of the transfer types using Flash memory, Mouse, and Camera devices. In Device mode, only the Bulk transfer type has been tested.

OTG 1.3 Supported

The Zynq USB controller implements OTG 1.3 specification which is older and a new OTG 2.0 specification is available. There are interoperability issues between these two versions of OTG specification. The OTG feature will not work when connected to a standard OTG device which implements OTG 2.0 version. OTG has been tested by connecting two Zynq boards back-to-back.

AR# 51372
Date 06/13/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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