AR# 55284


Vivado - Vivado Synthesis - "ERROR: [Netlist 29-77] Could not replace (cell 'top', library 'work', file 'NOFILE') with (cell 'top', library 'work', file 'top.edn') because of a port interface mismatch"


The Error message mentioned in the title is obtained when parsing the EDIF file and indicates that a lower level EDIF or NGC file could not be used because of a port interface mismatch.


This is typically caused when the ports of the .edf file do not match up with the ports in the RTL view.

To get around this error message, please read the .edf file and make sure that the ports listed for the top level match with the RTL level ports.

AR# 55284
Date 05/20/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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