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AR# 55738

2013.1 Vivado: Digilent plugin not working for some XP systems in 2013.1


The Digilent plugin does not work for some XP systems in Vivado 2013.1 design tools. The root cause appears to be with the FTDI libraries. This problem has been localized to how Vivado starts the vcse_server.


The plan for 2013.1 is to use the parameter labtools.disable_digilent_plugin to turn off auto loading of the Digilent plugin.

This parameter is enabled as follows:

labtools.disable_digilent_plugin true

To work around the issue. start the vcse_server in standalone mode.

To do so, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Run the following: C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2013.1\bin\vcse_server
  3. A port number should be provided that the server was opened on.
  4. Leave the command prompt open.
  5. When opening a Hardware session in the GUI, provide your <IPAddress>:<PORT Number> instead of the default settings.

This issue is addressed in later versions by improving the server process launching in Vivado design tools.

AR# 55738
Date 01/30/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.1
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