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AR# 56289

Vivado Constraints - Constraint Propagation issue when object is renamed during phys_opt_design leads to "No Valid Objects found ..."


After PHYS_OPT_DESIGN is run, I see the following critical warning about a constraint that was working beforehand:

CRITICAL WARNING: [Vivado 12-1387] No valid object(s) found for <Constraint>


During PHYS_OPT_DESIGN, an object can be optimized in a way that causes it to be renamed.

Normally, the constraint system propagates the constraints to this new name, but occasionally a constraint will not be properly propagated and the above critical warning can occur.

If this happens, the workaround is to add a DONT_TOUCH constraint to the object or to modify the constraint with a wildcard at the end of the name so that the new name gets picked up.
This issue is planned to be fixed in a future release.
AR# 56289
Date 10/13/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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