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AR# 57429

Vivado - How to Drag and Drop to Add Sources into a Vivado and PlanAhead Project


Is it possible to add a file to a PlanAhead/Vivado project by simply dragging the file to the Hierarchy window?

When I try this, I see an icon that indicates that dropping in the Vivado/PlanAhead IDE is not permitted.

Is there a way to add files in the GUI other than selecting Add Files and browsing for source files in the 'Add File' window?


In the PlanAhead/Vivado tool, it is not possible to add a file by simply dragging it to the Hierarchy window.

However, you can select Add Source and then drag and drop a file from Explorer into the Add Sources window.

Additionally, you can add one or multiple files from a directory using the add_files Tcl command in the Tcl console.


add_files rtl.v

add_file c:/my_source_dir

Run "add_files -help" for complete syntax.

AR# 57429
Date 09/11/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
  • PlanAhead - 14.6
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