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AR# 58228

Zynq-7000 - Question about Xapp1167 XImage_​filter_​Initialize function


I am using the Xapp1167 reference design.

In the \xapp1167_ise\sw\share\src\main_app.c function:

XImage_filter_Initialize(&xfilter, "FILTER");

The second argument is not a XImage_filter_Config struct pointer.

It does not match the function definition in \xapp1167_ise\hw\xps_proj\pcores\image_filter_top_v1_05_a\include\ximage_filter.c:

int XImage_filter_Initialize(XImage_filter *InstancePtr, XImage_filter_Config *ConfigPtr) {

    Xil_AssertNonvoid(InstancePtr != NULL);

    Xil_AssertNonvoid(ConfigPtr != NULL);


    InstancePtr->Control_bus_BaseAddress = ConfigPtr->Control_bus_BaseAddress;

    InstancePtr->IsReady = XIL_COMPONENT_IS_READY;


    return XST_SUCCESS;



XImage_filter_Initialize (XImage_filter *InstancePtr, XImage_filter_Config *ConfigPtr) is a standalone driver function, which is not used in the software application compiling stage.

In software application, the Linux version driver function is used:

XImage_filter_Initialize(XImage_filter *InstancePtr, const char* InstanceName)

However, the source file (ximage_filter_linux.c) which contains the Linux driver function is not included in the pre-generated pcore. (this is updated in Vivado HLS 2013.3)

You can find this file at prj/solution1/impl/drivers/image_filter_top_v1_05_a/src/ximage_filter_linux.c, it will be auto-generated by using the makefile flow.

AR# 58228
Date 03/30/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Zynq-7000
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.6
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