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6 Series and 7 Series Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Known Issues and Release Notes Master Answer Record for the Texas Instruments Power Solution


6 Series and 7 Series Xilinx Evaluation Kits implement a power solution from Texas Instruments.

This Answer Record covers known issues and information regarding the use of this solution on these kits.


(Xilinx Answer 54022)How can I order the TI USB Interface Adapter EVM from Texas Instruments?


Known Issues Answer Records

(Xilinx Answer 40488)Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit - Potential power issues
(Xilinx Answer 41788)Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Power issues unless Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI is open
(Xilinx Answer 55805)Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Board becomes non-operational when TI USB Interface EVM is attached


Power Controller Settings Answer Records

(Xilinx Answer 37561)Xilinx Evaluation Kits - How do I interface with the UCD9240 controller on my board?
(Xilinx Answer 39037)Power - TI Power Solutions for measuring power on Xilinx Evaluation Kits
(Xilinx Answer 47848)Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Evaluation Kit - VADJ Considerations
(Xilinx Answer 53599)Zynq-7000 Boards and Kits - ZC702 and ZC706 Master XML File for TI Power Controller
(Xilinx Answer 56811)Xilinx Evaluation Kits - How do I reprogram the TI power controllers on my board to the factory defaults?
(Xilinx Answer 57452)Artix-7 FPGA AC701 Evaluation Kit - Master XML File for TI Power Controller


Design Advisory Answer Records

(Xilinx Answer 60702)Design Advisory for AC701 and ZC706 Power Modules Issue

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