AR# 61933


PG066 (v5.2) - Description of SYNC~ behavior in Figure 3-8 is incorrect


In (PG066), the JESD204 v5.2 LogiCORE IP Product Guide, Figure 3-8 describes Deterministic Latency across the JESD204B Link.

Figure 3-8 shows SYNC~ going high before the transmit device starts transmitting, while the text describing this states "SYNC~ signal going Low". 

Which is correct?


SYNC~ is an active low synchronization request signal, therefore it is deasserted by going high.

The text describing SYNC~ behavior on page 54 of (PG066) v5.2 should state:

"When the transmit device detects the SYNC~ signal going High, it waits until the next LMFC crossing and starts transmitting data."

(PG066) v6.0 includes this updated accurate description.

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AR# 61933
Date 04/05/2019
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