AR# 6350


VCS - "Error: undefined system task or function $sdf_annotate"


General Description:

I receive the following error:

"Error: undefined system task or function $sdf_annotate ./pcim_top_routed.v 4513:

initial $sdf_annotate( "pcim_top_routed.sdf");"

NOTE: Optimal use of SDF ($sdf_annotate) requires a custom PLI table file. This file is specified using the -P switch, eg:

vcs myasic.v -P

An entry in the "" file for your design might look like:

$sdf_annotate call=sdf_annotate_call acc+=mp,prx:myasic+

where myasic is the top level module to be annotated. For details on specifying acc capabilites, see Ch4 and Ch5 of the VCS User's Guide.

Errors: 1"


NGD2VER will write the following line to the timing simulation netlist:

initial $sdf_annotate("design.sdf");

$sdf_annotate is not a valid VCS system call.

Use the +compsdf VCS option to read in the SDF timing information. Please see (Xilinx Answer 6349) on how to use the +compsdf option.

AR# 6350
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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