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KC705 User Guide UG810 (v1.6) - HPC FMC connector J22 - One GTX clock supported?


The bullet list of HPC Connector J22 FMC features on page 57 of (UG810) (v1.6) indicates that the KC705's HPC FMC connector J22 provides one GTX clock.

However, Table 1-28 in (UG810), as well as the schematics, identify two separate clock diff pairs:

  • FMC_HPC_GBTCLK0_M2C_P (C8) / _N (C7)
  • And
  • FMC_HPC_GBTCLK1_M2C_P (E8) / _N (E7)

How many GTX clocks are supported on the HPC FMC connector J22?


The KC705 HPC FMC connector does provide two GTX clocks, so this statement in UG810 (v1.6) is not accurate.
It should read "2 GTX clocks".
(UG810) (v1.6.1) has been updated with the correct information.

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