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AR# 64739

CPRI v8.4 - Why do I see incorrect behavior when I use transceiver debug pins to access UltraScale DRP ports?


For CPRI v8.4, why do I see incorrect behavior when I use transceiver debug pins to access DRP ports?


There are two known issues for UltraScale Architecture-based CPRI cores in the 2015.1 and 2015.2 versions.

They will be fixed in the 2015.3 release.

1. line 1003 in the file <cpri_core_name>_block.vhd :

It should be :

user_drp_dwe => gt_drpwe_i,

instead of :

user_drp_dwe => gt_drpwe,

This ensures that user_drp_dwe is assigned when drp_arb_gnt = '1'.

2. It is possible that speed capability could change when user DRP access is not completed. 

The user DRP access will be cut off.

You will need to re-start the transition if you see the drp_arb_gnt go low before the ready was returned to them.

For other known issues for the CPRI core, please refer to (Xilinx Answer 54473)

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AR# 64739
Date 06/30/2015
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