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AR# 64915

PC-CFR v6.0 - DC bias in the output spectrum of PC-CFR v6.0 core


A small DC bias is seen in the spectrum at the output of the PC-CFR v6.0 core.


A small DC bias is seen at the output of the core in both "smart peak processing enabled" and "smart peak processing disabled" mode.

This is a result of using a specific type of rounding mode while generating the composite cancellation signal inside the PC-CFR core.

This has been fixed in PC-CFR v6.0 rev 2 in Vivado 2015.3 and the small DC bias is no longer seen in the PC-CFR output spectrum.

The fix has been tested in simulation as well as on board in a demo platform.

To resolve this issue, use PC-CFR v6.0 rev 2 available in Vivado 2015.3.

AR# 64915
Date 10/28/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Peak Cancellation Crest Factor Reduction (PC-CFR)
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