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AR# 65308

SEMIP - 7 Series and Zynq-7000 Enhanced Repair initialization times are incorrect in PG036 for select devices. PG036 will be updated with the correct numbers in Vivado 2015.3.


PG036 lists incorrect initialization times for a subset of devices when the IP is configured with the correction method set to Enhanced Repair.

This issue is only applicable to 7 Series and Zynq-7000 devices.


PG036 will be updated with the correct numbers in Vivado 2015.3. 

The correct numbers for all 7 Series and Zynq-7000 devices are listed below.

Device Enhanced Repair Initialization Time (sec)
7A15T 0.400
7A35T 0.400
7A50T 0.400
7A75T 1.141
7A100T 1.141
7A200T 6.196
7K70T 0.641
7K160T 2.862
7K325T 9.321
7K355T 11.948
7K410T 15.389
7K480T 21.104
7VX330T 11.054
7VX415T 17.671
7VX485T 24.496
7VX550T 48.671
7VH580T 10.214
7V585T 28.336
7VX690T 48.671
7VH870T 10.214
7VX980T 82.631
7VX1140T 10.214
7V2000T 16.709
7Z010 0.317
7Z015 0.930
7Z020 1.151
7Z030 2.222
7Z035 11.799
7Z045 11.799
7Z0100 19.622

AR# 65308
Date 10/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Artix-7
  • Kintex-7
  • Virtex-7
  • Soft Error Mitigation
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