AR# 65692

KUCon-TRD02 - KCU105 PCI Express Memory-Mapped Data Plane TRD - Driver Installation Failing


Using the KUCon-TRD02 Targeted Reference Design with a Rev 1.1 KCU105 Evaluation Kit and Fedora 20, the GUI might report a failure during driver installation as shown below: 



This behavior can be related to Secure Boot settings on the Motherboard BIOS UEFI ( or the OS type which is set by default.

Changing the OS settings to "Other OS" as shown below can solve the issue and TRD02 can then be used according to (UG919).

Revision History:

10/15/2015 - Initial Release

AR# 65692
Date 12/08/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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