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AR# 66955

Virtex-5 SEU Macro (SEM) XAPP864 is withdrawn


Virtex-5 SEU scrubbing solution XAPP864 is withdrawn from the Xilinx website, and is no longer available for download.


The XAPP864, unlike SEM IP, is a reference design and no longer maintained.

Xilinx continues to support present users of XAPP864 with no restrictions.

The following use cases are still supported:

  1. Designs that have already adopted XAPP864 and been actively deployed in the field.
  2. Customers that have successfully adopted XAPP864 previously, and can revise the PCB.

The following use cases should be avoided:

  1. Field upgrades adding XAPP864 to designs which are currently operating.
  2. Customers that have successfully adopted XAPP864 previously, starting a new design including XAPP864.
  3. New customers including XAPP864 in a new Virtex-5 design.

For some specific business situations it might be determined that support will be provided for XAPP864 for a specific project.

Please contact Technical Support when support for XAPP864 is required.

AR# 66955
Date 05/09/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-5
  • ISE
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