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UltraScale Architecture PHY for PCI Express - Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues for the UltraScale Architecture PHY for PCI Express Core and includes the following:

  • General Information
  • Known and Resolved Issues
  • Revision History

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Supported devices can be found in the following three locations:

  • Open the Vivado tool -> IP Catalog, right-click on the IP and select Compatible Families.
  • For a list of new features and added device support for all versions, see the Change Log file available with the core in Vivado design tools.

Tactical Patch

The following table provides a list of tactical patches for the UltraScale+ PCI Express Integrated Block core applicable on corresponding Vivado tool versions.

Answer RecordCore Version (After installing the Patch)Tool Version
(Xilinx Answer 71191)v1.0 (Rev. 71191)2018.1
(Xilinx Answer 76166)v1.0 (Rev. 76166)2020.2


Known and Resolved Issues

The following table provides known issues for the UltraScale Architecture PHY for PCI Express core, starting with v1.0, initially released in Vivado 2016.1.

Note: The "Version Found" column lists the version the problem was first discovered.

The problem might also exist in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions.

Answer RecordTitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 71191)Link does not train in Gen1 design with Refclk at 125 MHz and 250 MHz speedsv1.0 (Rev8)v1.0 (Rev8)
(Xilinx Answer 76166)Ability to generate the IP for VU47P devices in VivadoVivado 2020.2Tactical Patch Provided

Other Information:

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The entire Xilinx Community is available to help here, and you can ask questions and collaborate with Xilinx experts to get the solutions you need.


Revision History:
04/13/2016 - Initial Release

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