AR# 67204


SDSoC - SDSoC 2016.1 - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record documents all of the known issues in the SDSoC 2016.1 tool upon release.


(Xilinx Answer 67193) SDSoC - GNU toolchain change in SDSoC
(Xilinx Answer 67197) SDSoC - Hardware function in presence of "direct connections" of another function array can lead to unexpected return value
(Xilinx Answer 67198) SDSoC - List of Critical Warnings can be ignored
(Xilinx Answer 67199) SDSoC - List of functionality which is not supported in the release for Zynq UltraScale
(Xilinx Answer 67268) SDSoC - Clock information incorrect or missing in the SDSoC Project Overview, platform summary incorrect
(Xilinx Answer 67269) SDSoC - Wait insertion for return values is incorrect
(Xilinx Answer 67270) SDSoC - Error while launching program: invalid command name psu_ps_pl_isolation_removal

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AR# 67204
Date 05/26/2016
Status Active
Type Release Notes
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