AR# 67521

SDSoC - SDSoC 2016.2 - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record documents all of the known issues in the SDSoC 2016.2 tool upon release.


(Xilinx Answer 67193)SDSoC - GNU toolchain change in SDSoC
(Xilinx Answer 67198)SDSoC - List of Critical Warnings which can be ignored
(Xilinx Answer 67199)SDSoC - List of functionality which is not supported in the release for Zynq UltraScale
(Xilinx Answer 67522)SDSoC - SDDebug and SDRelease build configurations decoupled
(Xilinx Answer 67523)SDSoC - Passing command line arguments to executable with Performance Estimation
(Xilinx Answer 67553)SDSoC - ZC706_mem platform failing

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AR# 67521
Date 07/19/2016
Status Active
Type Release Notes