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2016.3 - Compile Simlib - Error in XPM library compilation when -ise_install_path option is used


There is an error in XPM library compilation when the "-ise_install_path" option is used during compile_simlib:

compile_simlib -simulator questa -directory output_dir -ise_install_path /opt/ISE/14.7/ISE_DS/ISE

Compiling vhdl library 'xpm'...
vcom -64 -work xpm -f *xpm/.cxl.vhdl.xpm.xpm.lin64.cmf
        Error: (vcom-7) Failed to open design unit file "/ip/xpm/xpm_VCOMP.vhd" in read mode.
        No such file or directory. (errno = ENOENT)
        End time: 09:27:19 on Aug 30,2016, Elapsed time: 0:00:01
        Errors: 1, Warnings: 0


This is a known issue in Vivado 2016.3.

The "compile_simlib" command does not work with "-ise_install_path" option for XPM library compilation.

For more details on this switch, please refer to (Xilinx Answer 64056).

This issue will be resolved in a future release of Vivado.

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AR# 67870
Date 10/13/2016
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