AR# 71624

SmartLynq: Instructions for updating SmartLynq Data Cable firmware from 2017.2 or older to 2018.3


I am receiving an Error while attempting to upgrade the firmware of a SmartLynq cable from the 2017.2 version (or older), to the 2018.3 version.

While trying to connect to a SmartLynq cable with 2017.2 firmware (or older) using Vivado 2018.3, I am prompted to upgrade the firmware.

However, if OK is clicked, the below error is observed.

SmartLynq update failed. You must use the TCL command to connect and debug your SmartLynq cable"


To upgrade the firmware, users should update to an intermediate version, before updating to the 2018.3 version.

For example:

  • Update the firmware to 2017.3 (or 2018.1 or 2018.2) without the -flash option.

update_hw_firmware -reset
  • Then update to 2018.3 with the -flash option. 

update_hw_firmware -flash -reset

Warning: do not power off the cable during this process.

AR# 71624
Date 12/10/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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