AR# 72010


7 Series Integrated Block for PCI Express / AXI Bridge for PCI Express / DMA Subsystem for PCI Express (Vivado 2018.3) - x2 Support for Artix-7 CPG236 Package


Version Found: Vivado 2018.3

Version Resolved and other Known Issues: (Xilinx Answer 54643), (Xilinx Answer 54646), (Xilinx Answer 65443)

The tactical patch provided with this answer record contains the following fix.

  • Bug Fix: Added support for CPG236 Artix-7 package for x2 configuration


This issue will be fixed in the next release of the core.

Please install the patch in Vivado 2018.3 as described in the readme file included in the patch zip file.

Note: The "Version Found" column lists the version the problem was first discovered.

Revision History:

02/11/2018 - Initial Release


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AR# 72010
Date 02/11/2019
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