AR# 72480


VCU129 - Early Boards Cannot read status from SFP28s, SFP56s and SI5348


The Virtex UltraScale+ 56G PAM4 VCU129 FPGA Evaluation Kit contains I2C expander chips (U92, U93, U94, U104) that are used to gather statuses from the SPF28, SFP56 and Si5348 devices.

However on boards with serial numbers (S/N: 96850040561923-106406 to S/N: 96850040561923-106505) they are not connected correctly. 

As a result, the status cannot be read from these devices (SFP28, SFP56 and Si5348). 

The PLL lock status cannot be read from the Si5348. Approximately the first 100 boards have this issue.


This issue has been fixed on boards with serial numbers outside of the following range:

S/N: 96850040561923-106406 to S/N: 96850040561923-106505

AR# 72480
Date 10/15/2019
Status Active
Type General Article
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