AR# 72744

AXI System Cache - Fails to simulate in IES


The AXI System Cache fails to simulate in IES with the following error:

ncsim: *E,TRASMM: array shape mismatch - no matching element.
          File: /systemCache/project_1/project_1.srcs/sources_1/bd/design_1/ipshared/36be/hdl/system_cache_v4_0_vh_rfs.vhd, line = 21122, pos = 49
         Scope: tb.DUT.design_1_i.system_cache_0:U0:CC:Gen_Block(0):UD:Update_Word_Cnt_Handle
          Time: 21610 NS + 2

This occurs on the first write access. 


This issue was discovered in version 2017.2 of the core and exists in versions up to 2019.1.

The attached patch works around the issue in Vivado 2019.1.


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AR# 72744
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