AR# 73058


LFAR: Porting the ResNet-50 CNN application to a ZedBoard


The attached reference design is a step by step tutorial that will guide you through the implementation of the ResNet-50 CNN application on a ZedBoard.


This LFAR covers three important aspects of porting the ResNet-50 application to a ZedBoard: Hardware, software, and the application. 

It documents the many obstacles that the user could encounter, with the aim of making the design easier. 

The LFAR also provides the resources to automatically generate the Hardware and PetaLinux design.

Attached you will find two versions of the LFAR: one for Vivado and PetaLinux 2019.1 and one for the 2019.2 release.


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AR# 73058
Date 02/05/2021
Status Active
Type General Article
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