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Vitis 2020.x - Known Issues


The Vitis Environment Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing Guide found on contains installation instructions, system requirements, and other general information.

This Known Issues Answer Record is a supplement to the release notes documentation and contains links to information on known issues in the design tools that might be resolved in future versions.


Vitis 2020.1 Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 73647)Vitis 2020.1 - VNC Visual issues with tables and graphs in Vitis/Vivado
(Xilinx Answer 73696)Vitis 2020.1 - v++ does not package some system files for specific content of BIF
(Xilinx Answer 73698)Vitis 2020.1 - LIBRARY_PATH: unbound variable
(Xilinx Answer 73699)Vitis 2020.1 - SW_Emulation crash when private buffer is more than 8MB
(Xilinx Answer 73700)Vitis 2020.1 - SW_Emulation hang with more than 31 CUs of kernels
(Xilinx Answer 73708)Vitis 2020.1 - pllauncher is not getting killed with Stop Emulator in Vitis IDE
(Xilinx Answer 73709)Vitis 2020.1 - Cannot run software Emulation application for Zynq-7000 platforms
(Xilinx Answer 73705)Vitis 2020.1 - Linker error due to missing up-to-date gcc package in sysroot
(Xilinx Answer 73650)Vitis 2020.1 - Failure in importing MicroBlaze BSP/platform projects to Vitis
(Xilinx Answer 75391)Vitis 2020.1 - Software Package Management in PetaLinux rootfs for Vitis 2020.1 has incorrect feed link
(Xilinx Answer 75534)Vitis 2020.1 - Exit code of Vitis GNU compiler toolchain for ARM and MicroBlaze is always 0 (Windows only)
(Xilinx Answer 75535)Vitis 2020.1 - gcc-ar windows executables are not able to find liblto plugin
(Xilinx Answer 75536)Vitis 2020.1 - GNU archiver is not accepting '*' as wildcard pattern on Windows operating system
(Xilinx Answer 75590)Vitis 2020.1 - Linker error: The command line is too long
(Xilinx Answer 75591)Vitis 2020.1 - Static libraries are not part of the compiler toolchains
(Xilinx Answer 75356)2020.1 Vitis baremetal toolchains : memcpy performance degradation
(Xilinx Answer 75595)Vitis 2020.1 - Automatic build option causes infinite loop
(Xilinx Answer 75624)Vitis 2020.1 - java.exe flagged as malicious
(Xilinx Answer 75719)Vitis 2020.1 - Vitis GUI freezes frequently on GNOME desktop environment
(Xilinx Answer 75596)Vitis 2020.1 - ERROR: Xvfb is not available on the system
(Xilinx Answer 75665)Vitis 2020.1 - Symbol not passed as define during build
(Xilinx Answer 75331)Vitis 2020.1 - ERROR: unrecognized option ‘- - target’
(Xilinx Answer 75257)Vitis 2020.1 - GDB launch is terminated when debugging the R5 application in a Windows host
(Xilinx Answer 73647)Vitis 2020.1 - VNC Visual issues with tables and graphs in Vitis/Vivado
(Xilinx Answer 75580)Vitis 2020.x - Ubuntu GDB Kernel Debugging
(Xilinx Answer 75917)Vitis 2020.1 - bitstream partition signature verification failed for BOOT.bin using bootgen verify command
(Xilinx Answer 75908)Vitis 2020.1 - "ERROR: parted command not exist."

Vitis 2020.2 Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 75720)Vitis 2020.2 - Hypervisor guest application bin file
(Xilinx Answer 75721)Vitis 2020.2 - Vivado design needs to have IPI 5 channel enabled so that XSDB can activate subsystem after loading PDI
(Xilinx Answer 75810)Vitis 2020.2 - HBM grouping reporting is not showing full HBM range
(Xilinx Answer 75813)Vitis 2020.2 - Specifying subset of HBM banks does not work
(Xilinx Answer 75814)Vitis 2020.2 - No k2k stream events are showing up in device trace
(Xilinx Answer 75833)Vitis 2020.2 - Device trace only seen with data_transfer_trace=fine
(Xilinx Answer 75928)2020.2 Vitis - Missing standalone software documentation
(Xilinx Answer 75580)Vitis 2020.x - Ubuntu GDB Kernel Debugging
(Xilinx Answer 76175)Vitis 2020.2 - Hardware emulation hangs when using QSPI boot mode
(Xilinx Answer 75916)Vitis 2020.2 - Debug perspective does not come up on Ubuntu 20
(Xilinx Answer 75914)Vitis 2020.2 - [ GPROF profiling ] gmon.out is not getting generated
(Xilinx Answer 75922)Vitis 2020.2 - Cannot import Vivado Checkpoint through Vitis GUI

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AR# 73646
Date 07/27/2021
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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