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Vitis Core Development Kit - 2021.1  Full Product Installation

Important Information

Important: Vitis 2021.1 for Versal AI Core series devices with free AI Engine tool license. Please visit Vitis get started webpage

 Vitis™ Unified Software Platform 2021.1 is now available:

  • Xilinx Kria System-on-Modules (SOMs) KV260 platform support. The full Vitis flow for ML (DPU inference engine) + X (RTL kernel and Vitis HLS based computer vision kernels). Learn More >
  • Support many new C/C++ Vision, DSP, Graph (Louvain Modularity), Codec in image processing, Compression (GZIP, Facebook ZSTD, ZLIB Whole Application Acceleration) performance-optimized libraries on FPGA and/or Versal ACAP over CPU/GPUs.
  • Vitis Core Development Kit enhances design flow on Versal ACAP devices: visualization improvements for AI Engine design trace report, AI Engine event tracing via GMIO, incremental recompile, new Boot Image Wizard and encrypted AI Engine source file support.
  • The new Vitis Model Composer tool enables rapid design exploration and verification within the MathWorks Simulink® environment, enabling co-simulation of blocks targeting AI Engines and Programmable Logic, code generation, and test bench creation. Learn More >
  • Vitis HLS new Flow Navigator GUI for quick access to flow phases and reports. Merge synthesis, analysis and debug views into a general default context.


  • Unified Installer installs Vitis Core Development Kit 2021.1. Vitis Libraries, Xilinx Runtime library(XRT), Xilinx FPGA Resource Manager(XRM) and Vitis Target Platforms Available as separate downloads.
  • To install Vitis Core Development Kit, select Vitis on the Xilinx Unified Installer. Vitis installation includes Vivado® Design Suite, Vitis Model Composer, Vitis HLS.

             – There is no need to install Vivado separately.

Download Includes
  • Vitis Core Development Kit
Download Type
  • Full Product Installation
Last Updated
  • Jun 22, 2021

Vitis Core Development Kit Update 1 - 2021.1  Product Update

Important Information

This is a common updater.  You do not need to re-run it for Vitis if you have already run it for Vivado and vice versa.

 Vitis™ Unified Software Platform 2021.1.1 is now available:

  • “Unrestricted" AIE tool license starting in Vitis 2021.1
  • Must generate a license file
  • Free licenses available from the Xilinx Product Licensing Site (Create an account if needed on Xilinx.com)


Download Includes
  • Vitis Core Development Kit
Download Type
  • Product Update
Last Updated
  • Aug 3, 2021