Vitis Core Development Kit - 2021.2  Full Product Installation

Important Information

Vitis Unified Software Platform 2021.2 Release Highlights :

  • New domain specific development environments
    • Vitis Video Analytics SDK on SoM, U30/U50 and VCK5000 board: Learn More>> 
    • Vitis Blockchain solution on Varium C1100 board with Vitis libs: Learn More>>
  • Full end to end flow support for VCK5000 production board and Varium C1100 card
  • Enhanced core tool features 
    • Vitis AI Engine Compiler C/C++ high level abstraction API, Auto Pragma Inference, Area Group Constraints  
    • Vitis AI Engine x86simulator enhancements: Trace Report, Memory Access Violation and Deadlock Detection
    • Vitis HLS EoU, Timing and QoR enhancement, HLS APIs for user-controlled burst inferencing  
    • Enhanced Vitis Analyzer for better timeline trace report, data visualization, stall analysis
    • Vitis XRT for AI Engine Multiple Process and Multi Thread Support for AI Engine graph control
    • Vitis IDE & Emulation support AI Engine Trace, SW Emulation for AI Engine applications
  • 39 new C/C++ library in diverse domains covering in DSP, Data Analytics, Vision, Compression, Database, Graph, Security, … total of over 1000 library functions, Database, Graph, Security, …

  • Vitis Model Composer  
    • 3x compile/simulation time, 7x compilation time reduction with Parallel Compilation
    • New Hardware Validation Flow and Enhanced Functional Co-simulation


  • Unified Installer installs Vitis Core Development Kit 2021.2. Vitis Libraries, Xilinx Runtime library(XRT), Xilinx FPGA Resource Manager(XRM) and Vitis Target Platforms Available as separate downloads.
  • To install Vitis Core Development Kit, select Vitis on the Xilinx Unified Installer. Vitis installation includes Vivado® Design Suite, Vitis Model Composer, Vitis HLS.

             – There is no need to install Vivado separately.

Download Includes
  • Vitis Core Development Kit
Download Type
  • Full Product Installation
Last Updated
  • Oct 27, 2021