AMD FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs, and adaptive SoCs support many different memory technologies internal or external to the device. With programmable logic often being used as accelerators in processing platforms, many AMD devices support all cache coherent interfaces including the CCIX open standard and CXL.

  Versal™ Adaptive SoC UltraScale+ UltraScale™ 7 Series Spartan™ 6
Block RAM 174Mb 94Mb 36Kb 50Mb 4Mb
UltraRAM 717Mb 360Mb
High Bandwidth Memory 32GB 16GB
External Max Data Rate 4266Mb/s 2667Mb/s 2400Mb/s 1866Mb/s 800Mb/s
Internal Memory (HBM, RAM)

Integrated HBM and RAM

AMD products contain different types of internal memory for different design needs. 

  • Distributed RAM uses LUTs for coefficient storage, state machines, and small buffers
  • Block RAM is useful for fast, flexible data storage and buffering
  • UltraRAM blocks each provide 288Kb and can be cascaded for large on-chip storage capacity
  • HBM is ideal for high-capacity with higher bandwidth relative to discrete memory solutions
  Versal™ Adaptive SoC UltraScale+™ UltraScale™ 7 Series Spartan™ 6
Distributed RAM size 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit
Distributed RAM capacity range 0.6 – 103Mb 1.2Mb – 48.3Mb 4.1Mb – 28.7Mb 70Kb – 21Mb 75Kb – 1.3Mb
Block RAM size 36Kb 36Kb 36Kb 36Kb 18Kb
Block RAM capacity range 0.8Mb – 174Mb 5.3Mb – 94.5Mb 12.7 – 132.9Mb 180Kb – 66.1Mb 216Kb – 4.7Mb
UltraRAM size 288Kb 288Kb
UltraRAM capacity range 6.8Mb – 717Mb 90Mb – 360Mb
HBM stack size 8GB – 16GB 4GB – 8GB
HBM capacity range 8GB – 32GB 4GB – 16GB
External Memory Interfaces

AMD offers a comprehensive set of physical layer memory interfaces and memory controllers for varied bandwidth, efficiency, and low latency requirements. Based on a rigorous characterization process to determine specifications, interface supports include DDR3 and DDR4 multi-rank DIMMs, including UDIMM, SODIMM, and RDIMM with DQS groups of x4 and x8. Refer to the following tools to plan your memory interface design and implementation:

AMD memory controllers are included in the Vivado™ IP Catalog at no extra charge.

Refer to the device data sheet for a full list of supported memory standards and maximum data rates.



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Training & Support

Training and Support


AMD provides best-in-class tools to estimate memory performance, interface capacity, and power consumption to maximize performance-per-watt and accelerate design and implementation. Below are a variety of memory- and power-related tools to get started today.

Memory Selection Guide

Relative Merit DDR4 DIMM HMC RLDRAM 3 QDR-IV LPDDR4 Virtex™ UltraScale+™ HBM Device Versal™ HBM ACAP
Bandwidth 21GB/s 160GB/s 10.8GB/s 16.8GB/s 9.6GB/s 460GB/s 820GB/s
Density 32GB 2GB 280MB
4GB 16GB 32GB
Price / GB $ $$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$
PCB Requirement High Medium High High High
None None
Power (pJ/bit) ~27 ~30 ~40 ~27 ~19 ~7 ~6
Latency Med High Low Low Med Med Med

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