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Apps are packaged in containers, making it easy to evaluate, modify, integrate and deploy.

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The containers are DRM-enabled with high security, and subscription plans are flexible to fit your needs.

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Deploy effortlessly in the cloud with Nimbix or AWS, or run your apps on-premises.

The Xilinx App Store makes it easy for you to evaluate, purchase, and deploy accelerated applications

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Are you looking to monetize, distribute and make your unique applications, algorithms or IP cores, optimized for Xilinx platforms, discoverable to a global customer base who need access to your technology in the Cloud or On-premise? The Xilinx App Store offers a powerful platform to host, market and sell your solutions using a managed, easy to use, secure digital rights management (DRM) infrastructure.

Alveo Accelerator Cards

Alveo App compatible Accelerator Cards for Data Center Workloads