Product Return



AMD provides customers with component failure analysis services, when appropriate, to help improve the quality and reliability of AMD and customer products and manufacturing processes.

AMD cannot accept RMA requests under the following circumstances:


RMA Process for Qualified Devices:

  • Refer to AMD Returns Policy for additional guidelines
  • If applicable, notify your local AMD or Distributor Field Application Engineer (FAE) and seek further guidance before submitting an RMA request
  • Access Support Community → Choose from the following product categories → Component Returns → Get Support to open a Support Case on
    • AMD will confirm receipt of your request upon submission and a Customer Quality Engineer (CQE) will be assigned as your main case contact.  The CQE team determines if the request warrants analysis.  You may be asked to provide further information regarding device failure.

AMD Component Returns Policy

  • All required information (e.g. sales order, purchase order, product date code, etc.) must be accurate and correct, otherwise the RMA request will be rejected.

  • Customer submission history and commonality data will be used to review the request.  Customers with a history of non-warranty RMA submissions (EOS, ESD, customer application issues, No Defect found) may not be accepted.

  • If products use Security Features, there may be restrictions on analysis capability.  Please contact your FAE.

  • All products returned must have a valid AMD RMA number. AMD reserves the right to refuse returns that do not have an authorized RMA number. These will not be accepted and will be returned at customer’s expense.

  • Products must be returned within 14 days of approval or the Service Request will be closed

  • If there is no response from the customer within 5 business days the Service Request will be closed.

  • Physical failure analysis may be required to determine root cause of failure.  Returned material may be irreparably modified in the process of analysis.  By submitting material for analysis requestor authorizes any form of destructive analysis determined to be necessary by AMD.

  • If AMD is unable to replicate or confirm the stated problem, an AMD engineer will request additional information in an attempt to replicate the reported failure. If no additional information is available or the failure cannot be reproduced, AMD will return the RMA to the customer as "No Evidence of Failure“


AMD Guidance on EOS/ESD

  • Power or I/O pin shorts indicative of Electrical Overstress (EOS) or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

    • Refer to White Paper WP433 for information on EOS/ESD root cause analysis and mitigation

    • For further options to investigate non-warranty electrically induced damaged device please contact our accredited partner laboratories for analysis options.  Please click on the following links for services and pricing options.

> Eurofins EAG Lab (North America Location)

> Wintech Nano-Technology Services (Asia-Pacific Location)

> Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-Tech) (Asia-Pacific Location)

> Takumi Engineering Co.,Ltd (Japan Location)


Vendor Labs


Eurofins EAG Lab (North America Location)

EAG’s failure analysis team is comprised of highly technical and professional group of engineers with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences from diverse industries. EAG offers failure analysis services using the latest tool technology in support of our client’s need to achieve high quality and reliable products. Our commitment to this goal is demonstrated by providing a single source for comprehensive engineering services. EAG is the leader in providing such an extensive breadth of services, and is unmatched in accessibility through our laboratory locations around the world.  EAG is a ISO9001 and ISO17025 certified company.

Wenzhen Sun
810 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale CA USA 94086
Phone: +1 408 5303586


Wintech Nano-Technology Services (Asia-Pacific Location)

Wintech is a world-leading 3rd party analytical center, providing one-stop service of failure analysis, materials analysis, R&D and quality assurance. Wintech Nano labs in Singapore and Suzhou are fully equipped with advanced equipment and technical experts, operating 24/7, the most professional and speedy analytical services. The cutting-edge instruments include OBIRCH, STEM, DSIMS, TOF-SIMS, XPS, AES, FIB, SEM, EDS, 3D X-ray, PEM and much more. Wintech Nano is an ISO9001 and ISO17025 certified company, actively supports clients from various industries such as semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, solar and research institutions.
Contact Person: Henry Leong


Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek) (Asia-Pacific Location)

MA-tek is a worldwide leading analytical lab providing comprehensive and high-quality services with world-class laboratories providing services in materials analysis (MA), Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Testing (RT) services. MA-tek currently has 7 laboratories and 1 sales office set up around the world, providing around-the-clock assistance in logistic support and technical services. MA-tek also possesses ISO-9001 management certification, IECQ-17025 laboratory certification, ISO-27001, ISO/IEC-15408 CC EAL6 in Information Security and also passed the on-site audits by international customers.

Contact Person: Ms. Ruby Chai
Phone: +886-3-611-6678 ext. 3821    


Takumi Engineering Co.,Ltd (Japan Location)

Takumi Engineering provide fast and effective failure analysis, reliability test and inspection of semiconductors and electronic components at reasonable cost. We promise to provide analysis service that exceed your expectations, such as initial analysis that can focus on the failure factor, non-destructive analysis, destructive analysis, electrical analysis, physical analysis by our enhanced technology in the local and oversea semiconductor company.

Contact Person: Kazumi Ohsawa

Development Systems

Development System Products

Software Returns

AMD development tools may be purchased at a number of locations such as a Distributor.

To return or exchange AMD development tools, please contact the source where the product was purchased.

For software technical support, you can access AMD self-service tools 24/7 at Adaptive Computing Support page.

Board, Development Kit and Cable Returns

For boards or cables purchased through normal distribution channels including the Avnet Online Store, please contact your distributor for assistance with the RMA process.

For boards or cables purchased through the AMD Online Store or as a AMD XDF customer, please go to the Technical Support and  Community → Choose from the following product categories → Development Systems Returns (Eval Kits and Cable Accessories) → Get Support.  An AMD Representative will contact you shortly regarding the next steps in the process.

Please note the following warranty periods and exclusions before requesting a return:

Loaner boards or cables not originally purchased or never officially for sale are not eligible for return or exchange.

Development Systems products, including boards and other development kits and cable are subject to the below warranty periods:

  • 90 days upon shipment from AMD to the AMD direct fulfillment or AMD Online Store customer
  • 90 days upon shipment from an AMD distributor to the distributor’s end customer