AMD evaluation boards and kits are compatible with a wide range of accessories offered by ecosystem partners. These accessories expand the scope of applications which can be built and developed using an AMD evaluation platform. Explore available hardware options to determine the best path forward for your development solution.


FPGA Mezzanine Cards

FPGA Mezzanine Cards

Developed by a consortium of companies ranging from FPGA vendors to end users, the FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) is an ANSI standard that provides a standard mezzanine card form factor, connectors, and modular interface to an FPGA located on a base board. Image courtesy of ALINX

AMD SmartLynq+ product


Discover a range of accessories to support development on AMD evaluation boards, including programming and debug hardware, expansion cards, cables, and more.

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SmartLynq+ Module

SmartLynq+ Module

SmartLynq is a high performance JTAG cable for high-speed FPGA and flash programming, hardware and software debug, performance analysis, and event trace.

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